NU Agency

Josefine Engstöm asked me to help her build a web site for her illustration agency, NU Agency.

She had a good idea about how she wanted the design already before we started. It had to be clean, easy to navigate in and it was important that the work of the illustrators could easily be viewed without superfluous mouse clicks and navigation. Discussions, prototypes and implementation led to the final design.

The site is built on a category based WordPress implementation. I had to create some special handling for some parts of the site. One of the problems I had to solve was to find a way for categories to have support for strongly typed text. Post- and Page titles in WordPress already has support for html tags. Category titles however, does not. What I did was to add a filter that parse the category titles for the character combinations “(b)” and “(/b)”, and then replaces them with the html tags and when printing each post to screen. This filter had to be added on all places where the category titles was displayed. Special care also had to be taken to the left sidebar in order to hide the parts after the characters “//” used in the catgegory titles.

Another problem that I had to find a solution for was how to automaticaly disable all img titles. Normaly these titles are showed when hovering the mouse over an image. This can simply be done by removing all title tags from each image. This request was however something that came up just before the deadline, and the site was already crowded with images having the title tag. To avoid having to go through each and one image by hand and remove the title tag, I instead built a WordPress plugin that automatically filters out and removes all title tags from the posts before they are showed. I named the plugin “Img Title Removal“. Click here to download it now, or read more about it at the official WordPress Plugin Directory.
See the final work and read more at NU Agency.

Client: NU Agency
Design: NU Agency